About Don Doyle

  When I was young, you could take me to a museum, and I would almost involuntarily veer toward the pictures done by what artists call a "Good Draftsman": Durer, the Wyeths, Alma Tadema -"linear", "Northern European".

  Now I am older, and I stare at Sargents, Zorns, and Sorollas with awe, and something a little like lust. It's nice to grow older.

  N.C. Wyeth said he had never made a picture in his life out of anything but memory and imagination. Robert Henri would have added that even portraits and life drawings are most successfully drawn from memory. 

  Perhaps starting with the caves at Lascaux, humans have been praying by making pictures. (We pray for some odd things, I admit, but who am I to judge?) I think drawing and painting are ultimately inner journeys, but that they start with the child's patient observation of nature, and a will to represent it. Do that well enough, and self expression takes care of itself.